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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  December 20, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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. breaking news in san francisco, a fire at an apartment building, our crew is on the way and we will let you know more about this straight ahead. and it is the 124th homicide of the year we will tell you what a grandmother was doing when she was gunned down. the new clues found after last week's deadly school shooting. live in san jose, people are waiting out in the cold to
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get toys for their kids, we will tell you how much more this charity needs. well, good morning, welcome to a brand-new day, december 20th, i am dave clark. >> let's get a quick look at weather and traffic, mark is in for steve to tell us how cold it will get. we are all shivering and today is the last day of fall and winter begins tomorrow morning. current numbers, we do have some frost and temperatures are in the 20s and we have a few spots fairfield and concord, livermore checking in at 30s and rain showers are up to the north and i will let you know when the rain moves in and how much rainfall you can expect over the weekend, sal has an update on traffic, good morning sal. we have a two-alarm fire burning in the ocean view
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neighborhood and firefighters are on the scene reportedly. one person has been injured and medics have arrived on the scene and the ocean view is blocked. they have a bus block set up and this is in plymouth in san francisco and we have more coming up. this is a look at 208 -- 280 near king street. let's go back to the desks. she was -- back to the desk. in oakland we have the very latest on this investigation, tara? she was walking into the store just blocks away from her house when she got caught in across fire in a gun fire that went on across the street and now detectives are trying to figure out who is responsible. now the 9100 block of international boulevard, the victim a 49-year-old woman who
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was walking with a relative when she was struck and killed by the stray bullet. police did not identify her and a woman said she cared for her elderly mother. three grandchildren said she was a good person and never did anything to anybody. police made no arrests and they are trying to figure out what caused this gunfire. less than two blocks away from that, less than two hours after the shooting more gunfire erupted and a man was injured. his condition is stable and police told ktvu channel 2 morning news they do not believe the two shootings are related. last night's homicide marks the 125th homicide of the year. -- 128th homicide of the year. it led to a gunman on the
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san jose campus this week. it led to a lock down for three hours on tuesday. the caller said a stranger came to him on the sidewalk and said he had seen a man with a gun near the technology building. police searched the campus and did not find anything suspicious. they said the caller did the right thing by reporting that incident. they are asking for help to find whoever shot at a marine recruiter at highway 85 at 1230 testimony am it in the southbound lanes on stevens creek boulevard. the recruiter was driving an unmarked government car which was hit several times by gunfire. the recruiter marine was not hurt. >> they said the bullets lodged across his lap so he was a really lucky guy. >> reporter: investigators do not believe the marine was tar
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getted because he was -- targeted because he was wearing a jacket over his uniform. two state department officials are about to testify at two congressional hearings investigating the deadly attack in libya. this is the foreign relations hearing happening right now and you can see the two men from the state department testifying. now the public testimony comes two days after an independent review panel issued a report talking about failures for grossly inadequate security at that couldn't slate in libya. those findings led to the firing of four department state officials. hillary rodham clinton canceled to testify because of ill necessary and she is expect -- illness and she is expected to testify next month and we will
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bring you details. house speaker john boehner will put his fiscal plan "b" up for a vote in the house. that plan would raise taxes on people making more than a million a year but president barack obama said if the bill comes to his desk, he will veto it. people will be voting weighing in on which side they believe should compromise. they buried three more children as the investigation continues into last week's deadly school shooting. investigators removed boxes of evidence from the gunman's home where he first shot and killed his mother. just days before the shooting rampage, the mother vacationed at a resort in new hampshire. funeral arrangements are being made for the mother in her home state of new hampshire but he did not say whether the gunman's body has been claimed.
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today san francisco mayor, ed lee is aimed at reducing gun violence in the bay view district. blakely is one of two teens who died last weekend in the bay view district and he is calling the deaths horrible. they met to talk about how to reduce violence. there were 60 this year compared to 50 this time last year as far as homicide. parents are shopping for christmas gifts from a large selection of donations. janine de la vega joins us from sacred heart in san jose where people are already waiting in line, jeanine? >> reporter: that is right, and i just checked the temperature, people are waiting in lawn chairs bundled up in blankets because they are waiting to get
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toys. we will take you inside to go through the process to get toys. they will walk through the parking lot and this giveaway does not start until 10:00 a.m. and everybody already has an appointment starting at 10:00 a.m. and 20 people will come in at that time, parents and they will be paired with a volunteer and you will come into the toy room. as you can see it looks very festive and they have toys broken down into different categories you can see, puzzles and games and all sorts of stuffed animals and dolls and of course one of the more popular items, the bikes and books as well. sacred heart community service said 10% more signed up to receive toys this year and they will be serving 690,000 children and they are talking about how christmas would have been without getting this help and here is what he had to say.
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>> it's really stressful and by this organization instead of my kids opening one gift, they are opening multiple gifts and that's all i want, that's all i want in life is to see my kids happy. >> parents are making tough choices, you know they say buying toys for their kids is a luxury. they have to make a choice between paying the bills or getting extras and here they will be able to pick toys for each of their children and as i mentioned, just because people are waiting in line, it does not mean they will have to raffle off those bikes. they are still short about 400 gifts and the gifts they are short on are gifts for teens and they are hoping people will still donate gift cards as well as jewelry, make up, hair products and skate boards for
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teenage boys. it will be going on all day today as well as tomorrow, janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 morning news. and they are begging for toy donations and we have up to 1,000 kids who still need toys. a lot of people need help. are you still tracking that fire in san francisco? >> that's right, it is a two- alarm fire and this fire was reported first about an hour and a half ago. fire crews arrived on the scene and one thing we do know is that the muni line, the streetcar is blocked because of fire equipment and they have a bus bridge set up in this area. if you take the observe then view, you might be delayed this morning. let's look at the commute on the east shore freeway. it is crowded as you head to the toll plaza.
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northbound 280 looks good getting to the west valley. let's go to mark. livermore, last hour is 29 right now warming to 30 degrees and san jose as janine de la vega mentioned, we are currently in the upper 30s and here is the latest on storm tracker 2, some showers to the north and forecast shows skies will be dry out there today, we do have a chance of a few north bay showers. as far as winds, in advance of our storm system, we will begin tracking the first of the storms tonight and goes until 4:00 a.m. tomorrow. we do have rain showers on the way approach willing the bay area and in fact here is the five-day forecast. increasing clouds into thursday, here is that rain cloud, a chance of a few showers up in the north bay. look at what happens.
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we increase just in time for the morning commute friday and then for the weekend, potentially dry storms over saturday and sunday and we could attract some heavy wind. some gusty winds and temperatures mainly not as cold, all of this rainfall will translate to extra snow and we will let you know how much snow they can expect and a winter storm warning does kick in. reactions to the school shooting. what polls are showing towards gun control. why hundreds of squid washed up on the county. and in northern california, they are opening for at least two more years. [ female announcer ] here's to a whole world
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. welcome back, a new poll was conducted on monday and tuesday. 52 percent said they support major restrictions on guns or making all guns illegal. that is up 5 points on an earlier poll condition ducted in -- conducted in august after the colorado shooting. city officials are trying to raise money for an event now. this follows similar gun buy
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backs in oakland and in san francisco where 600 guns were turned in for almost $200 each. this will occur if they get the money for it on january 15th. and coming up, at 6:24 how the tragic events inspired this u.s. marine to take action in his community... >> americans are getting fed up with the stalled negotiations about the fiscal cliff. a majority of taxpayers want one particular side to bulging. >> reporter: president barack obama and house speaker john boehner butted heads publicly and are at odds over who should pay more in taxes. more than half of taxpayers want republicans to give and
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44% want democrats to give in negotiations. house speaker john boehner put his plan "b" at a vote and that would raise taxes for those making more than $1 million a year but president barack obama said he will veto it. he expects anybody making more than 400,000 a year should be taxed. tax increases will go into effect for everyone less than one week today. >> we are two weeks from the fiscal cliff and there is still time for us to come to an agreement and i hope that this time will be well used. >> and we are expecting an earful when the house meets in about 45 minutes and puts plan "b" to a vote sometime this afternoon. life in washington carla campbell ktvu channel 2 morning news. and preparations -- life in washington carla campbell ktvu channel 2 morning news. and preparations are underway for president barack
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obama's inauguration. it will be smaller this time around and there will be three days of events and fewer inaugural balls and no concert. this will take place on monday january 21st and most of the costs will be covered by president barack obama's supporters and private donors but taxpayers will pay security costs and the viewing stands. two abandoned horses were noun monterey county and now a protection group is offering reward for information leading to an arrest. they found the 20-year-old and seven-year-old horses north of salina. they say the horses were likely abandoned and were covered intics. researchers say the squid may have been poisoned by
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naturally occurring acid in the water. there was a spike in the acid which coincides with the deaths of the questioned earlier this month and -- of the questioned earlier this -- squid earlier this month and may have caused them to become disoriented and die. they will match $279,000 in donations to keep the park open for at least the next two years. the money will come from $54 million in surplus funds and the park officials have kept this hidden for years and it has led to closures. henryco is the largest state park. this fire, in ocean view -- the ocean view is affected here from the fire and this is broad
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street near plymouth avenue. now ocean view takes a lot of people throughout the system and connects them with other muni lines and right now there is a bus bridge in place. we have a crew live on the scene and we will have a live report coming up. we have a 10 to 15 minute delay and metering lights are on. 280 downtown no problems in to the west valley, here is more with mark on weather. we are looking outside this cold thursday morning and it's dry but by this time tomorrow it will be a completely different story because rain clouds are paying a visit. concord 262029 degrees -- 26 to 29 degrees. here is the latest on storm tracker, we have a few high clouds approaching the bay area and in terms of snow, a winter
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storm warning kicks in for portions of mendocino up towards portions of lake county and we have significant snow fall in the forecast over the next few days but it's really out towards the sierra. this winter storm warning kicks in tomorrow and snow fall will be coming in 2 to 5 feet so we could have some problems out in the mountains of see rather california. sierra -- sierra california. we have a few showers coming through, it will take it's time to get here and it will come through late tonight into early tomorrow morning. temperatures mainly in the 50s, a little bit warmer than yesterday, multiple rain clouds right through the weekend, periods of heavy rain and storm gusty winds. the labor department said the first time unemployment claims have increased.
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361,000 have filed and that's up 17,000 from the week before. it is the first increase in five weeks after hurricane cain sandy hit the east coast and there is nothing to account for last week's increase. why three senators sent letters to the movie studio and we will have more on what they are demanding. >> a plane loaded with potatoes, a test is being carried out and why it involves this move, stay tuned for more. because once they try finish, they can't keep it to themselves. i'm switching for good. wow ! awesome ! finish is seriously good. cannot believe how great it works. incredible shine. i won't use anything else. love, love, love finish ! so far over a million neighbors, friends, and family have switched to finish.
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it's the honey, it makes it taste so... ♪ well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy. . welcome back. the movie about hunting osama bin laden is getting a lot of criticism from a lot of people. at issue, the movie shows cia officers torturing people and now the senators say the movie suggests torture shows where osama bin laden was hiding. they wrote a letter to sony pictures saying they should clarify that the information shown in that movie is not
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based on facts. in the wake of the newtown shooting, the sergeant served two tours in iraq and one in afghanistan. he is now a stay at home dad but yesterday he went to houston elementary school and stood guard and greeted students who were grateful for his presence. the marine said he plans to be at the school today and after the holiday break. our time is now 6:26 blowing filled a plane, this is hard to imagine, 20,000 pounds of potatoes and they were testing something meant for human passengers. boeing put sacks of poe tates in airplane seats. they were a stand in for humans to make sure they don't interfere with the communication system.
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the potatoes represent the way human reflect electronic signals and the potatoes were -- show more patience than humans. you can see fire crews are on the scene between capital and plymouth. this two-alarm fire was reported about a half hour ago and the ocean muni line is blocked. they do have bus bridges bringing people -- printing -- bringing people -- bringing people up to this area. this is a look at the san mateo bridge westbound 82 and 84, this is a great look at the peninsular, let's go to mark. a few neighborhoods are starting off the day out
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towards fairfield and concord, quite a few 30s and 40s out towards oakland. this afternoon high clouds are on the increase and we have a few showers in the north bay. multiple storms are lighting up on the weather maps and we will let you know when the heavy rain moves back into the region. details on an apartment fire in san francisco and how it is affecting the morning commute and mass transit. and the opening bell is about to ring, what is happening now and how is it affecting the markets? stay tuned, we will explain. p. [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. test drive! but we still need your signature. volkswagen sign then drive is back. and it's never been easier to get a jetta. that's the power of german engineering. get $0 down, $0 due at signing, $0 deposit,
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. well the opening bell on wall street has just running. the new york stock exchange is being sold to arrival exchange for $8 billion and it is a big
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story and we will bring you the details throughout the morning. for now, we say good morning to you. thank you for joining us on ktvu channel 2 morning news, thursday december 20th, torii campbell is in for pam cook, your time right now is 6:31. we are tracking breaks news about an apartment fire. let's go to lorraine blanco. how did it happen and how is it affecting the commute? >> reporter: i'm not sure if you can hear me because i can't hear you guys but i can tell you what i know so far. there is a ladder truck on broad street, 119 broad street, it is a three-story apartment building which caught fire this morning and there was some heavy smoke on the second floor when firefighters arrived. it is in the rear of this three- story apartment building. all people were evacuated and they are all okay but a
6:33 am
firefighter was injured and it sounds like he suffered from smoke inhalation. he has non-life threatening injuries and we are told there are 20 fire companies out here. they got the fire under control about 15 minutes ago and the cause is under investigation this morning. down the road here on broad street, i'm not sure if you can see it, but there is a muni car and they have the evacuees down there and they have the heater going so they could stay warm while firefighters get these hot spots under control here. it sounds like for the most part there were no major injuries out here and there is a firefighter which was transported with smoke inhalation and it sounds like he was going to be transported as a precaution. again the cause of the fire is under investigation and we will work on more details for you and we will bring them to you
6:34 am
as soon as they become available. reporting live, lorraine blanco, ktvu channel 2 morning news. new this morning, firefighters are investigating the cause of this fire at a home under construction in san francisco's valley. this happened at 2:00 a.m. on sanchez and 27th. firefighters think it started in a garage area and nobody was home at the time. firefighters done think this is suspicious. it is 6:33 and there was a loud explosion in san mateo last night . the bomb squad blowing up some old chemicals found inside a home. the chemicals had been on parent drive for years and were too dangerous too move. at 8:30 last night the bomb squad detonated the pile of sandbags in the front yard. nobody was hurt. the latest violence has claimed the life of a
6:35 am
grandmother and the woman is believed to have been an innocent bystander, good morning tara. >> reporter: that is right. she was in the wrong place at the wrong time, she was just walking to the store a few blocks from her home. the violence broke out last night around 7:00 and this is the 9100 block of international boulevard. a 40-year-old woman was walking with a relative when she was struck by a stray bullet. police did not identify the woman but a woman knew her and said she cared for her elderly woman. they were dumb founded and said she was a good person who never did anything to anyone. police have made no arrests and they are trying to figure out what caused the gunfire and left 10 shell casings on the sidewalk. less than two blocks away, more
6:36 am
gunfire erupted. he was shot and drove himself to the substation and we understand his condition is stabilized. we do not believe these two separate shooting incidents are related and we will get more information from oakland police and as soon as we do, we will pass it along to you. i am tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 morning news. vice-president joseph biden will meet with law enforcement leaders from across the country today to get their input on ways to reduce gun violence. just yesterday, president barack obama announced vice- president joseph biden will head a task force to come up with proposals to prevent the mass shooting that took the lives of 26 people in newtown connecticut. the president wants a set of concrete proposals from the task force by january. stay with us for continuing coverage of the newtown connecticut shooting and we will go back live to newtown
6:37 am
where more funerals are being held today and the investigation continues. we will also hear new details about how the mother of the gunman spent her last days. the legal battle over the artist kinkaid has been settled between his estranged wife and girlfriend. we still don't know whether the widow or girlfriend will inherit kinkaid's mansion and warehouse of paintings. his girlfriend claims it was hers because of a barely legible note. kinkaid by the i was separated from his wife. and chevron has a plan to repair accrued oil unit damaged by the blast. he wants to -- they want to use chrome all lloyd to fix the pipes. they say it meets the industry standards but there are those who disagree with that and
6:38 am
instead they want them to use a type of stainless steel pipe. they are granting them permission to repair the pipes. they will look into how much pg&e customers will have to pay. rate pairs pay up to 90% after the deadly san bruno explosion and fire. consumer groups say pg&e should have been maintaining those pipes and a judge agreed and recommended rate pairs pay 5 5% of the costs and now the state has to approve that idea. all right, it is 6:37 we want to check in with sal, how are things looking at the toll plaza and bay bridge? we are looking at it now from our camera and it does not look like it is lighter and people are coming in, it is backed up for about a 15 to 20
6:39 am
minute delay. we are looking at the traffic as well on the bridge and on the east shore freeway, traffic is busy as you drive west and there is a crash reported westbound on 580 near the interchange and i just heard chp say they can't find it. it was reported as an injury crash. if you are driving on 880 to fremont, so far so good all the way down to the south bay. 6:38 let's go to mark. we are stating out dry but cold and once again, a few neighborhoods are starting out in the upper 20s to 30s. if you can't see here, we have some darkness and a few high clouds have paid us a visit. you will notice how the temperature in santa rosa looks, it is a little bit of a blanket and as a result we are talking subfreezing weather.
6:40 am
concord we have mid-to-upper 20s and forecast today, fair skies, patchy frost, this afternoon clouds will be on the increase and we have a chance of a few showers in the north bay. increasing winds out of the south and wind advisory begins all the way until 4:00 a.m. we have some storms wrapping around the system approaching the bay area and the first one starts tonight into friday morning. saturday storm number 2 and sunday storm number 3 and it goes right on through the weekend and once again we could have some localized flooding in the storms and creaks and possibly some power out ands as well -- power outages as well. we have gradual rain in the south bay and we will have a wet commute. the bulk of the rain will be
6:41 am
friday morning and we take this into saturday morning once again decreasing in coverage by saturday afternoon and possibly the third one moving in by sunday. forecast highs after a cold start, mainly in the 50s, a chance of a shower up in the north bay and a look ahead at your five-day forecast. we will have a second one saturday and heavier rain will be approaching the region by saturday afternoon. most of the country is having some problems. wizard -- blizzard warnings are in colorado and the storms are being blamed for at least three deaths. the national weather service said iowa and wisconsin could get as much as a foot of snow and schools are also closed due to the weather in parts of wisconsin, indiana and
6:42 am
nebraska. this weather is supposed to cause serious delays especially o'hare and that could have an effect on flights nationwide. at fso they should expect delays up to two hours and many major airlines are waving fees for rebooking flights. in oakland there is money kept when tickets are overpaid but things are expected to change. and shoppers are being urged to be vigilance at a -- vigilant at a very popular more, we will have details coming up. it is moderately heavy with traffic on the way -- traffic on the way to san francisco and we will have more on your morning commute. stay tuned, we will be back
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after these messages.
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. good thursday morning, time now 6:34 looking at some cold numbers, concord livermore, temperatures are in the upper 20s to right around 30s and coming up we are expecting rain for parts of the bay area. here is a look at some of the top stories we are following, breaking news in san francisco, our cameras are moving around but you can see
6:46 am
firefighters are there and we had a fire in observe then view -- ocean view and it all happened near plymouth avenue and you can see the fire is out but firefighters are still there and passengers are being bussed to the forest hills,queens station. lorraine blanco has more and will bring us a live report coming up. a sad story, a brand mother walked down -- a grandmother walked down a street and was shot and killed while walking to a store on international and 92nd avenue which happened at about 7:00 last night. and house speaker john boehner will put his fiscal plan "b" up for a vote in the house. it will raise taxes on people making more than a million dollars a year but president barack obama said if it comes
6:47 am
to his desk, he will veto it. continuing coverage on the shooting in newtown connecticut. today three more children will be laid to rest into newtown one week after that deadly school shooting. renee has more and new details about the mother of the gunman, renee? >> reporter: that is right, torii, you know in just a matter of minutes, the first of three funerals will begin and a total of 6 victims will be laid to rest today. >> reporter: another day brings more heartbreaking funerals in a town trying to figure out how to heal. >> they are really struggling trying to -- struggling trying to get to as many as possible... >> reporter: allison and catalina long with the principal will be pure rid. and they are bidding farewell to
6:48 am
victoria one of the teachers. paul simon was a family friend and performed the sound of silence at her funeral. wednesday night about 3,000 people gathered at western connecticut state university for attribute to newtown victims. it has sparked gun control with president barack obama pledging to take action. a newly formed group, newtown united is advocating sensible  gun legislation. >> if we don't follow their lead, we have failed them and their deaths are in vain. >> reporter: we have learned that the day before her death, nancy lanza the mother of gunman had returned from a short trip to. >> resort in new hampshire. she said she felt comfortable
6:49 am
leaving her son adam lanza alone unsupervised. now investigators are still working on collecting evidence but for those who continue to ask the question, what was the motive, connecticut police think it could be months before they are ready to issue a final report on this investigation. back to you. 6:48 a special vigil is being held to honor the connecticut shooting victims. the night for newtown event begins at the ice rink at justin herman plaza. those who attend are asking people to bring unwrapped teddy bears for children in need. there warning to be careful after a woman was robbed. brian flores is in concord to tell us where the woman was when she was targeted, brian? >> reporter: yes, we are live
6:50 am
here at the sun valley mall and the mall closes in another hour but concord police are looking for somebody who tried to steal the items from that woman here in the macy's parking lot. we have limited details but from what we understand, it is being reported that the woman was just arriving here at the mall when they reported something. they are still not clear if it was a gun and the man pointed a gun at the woman's head and she did not have any cash at the time so she gave her driver's license and credit cards instead. he then pushed her to the ground and she ran to the macy's and then she called police. still very limited details on the car description as well as the suspect but concord police are investigating. they are warning shoppers not just here in concord but wherever you are going
6:51 am
shopping, just be vigilant and be aware of your surroundings. parking ticket payment system reportedly held on to 3 $16,000 in over pavements it should have refunded -- payments it should have refunded. they are saying they are ordered to give back that over payment and the city claims they did not flow know about that -- they did not know about that law. they they will automatically refund -- they will automatically refund their money. in south bay milpitas, we are starting with traffic... >> that's right, westbound 280 is busy and driving into the valley no problems on 880 although that is getting busy as well. we have a normal looking
6:52 am
commute, about a 10 to 15 minute wait before getting on to the span. this is not as bad bay traffic and antioch, moderate traffic to walnut creek. we are starting with partly cloudy skies, some cold numbers you can see by reflections on the water, glassy conditions and winds will be increased later tonight into tomorrow. first with the cold numbers once again, some 20s and 30s again, fairfield 26 degrees, downtown san francisco, 46 and san jose in the upper 30s. you can see some rainfall to the north and a few high clouds to the north bay and we will be talking about clouds in mendocino and a winter storm warning is in place beginning at 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. also out towards the sierra we will have significant delays
6:53 am
and possibly some roadway closures because of the snow fall expectations especially out towards the sierra. 2 to 5 feet and snow levels are low up to 4,000 feet and still that is a major concern over a busy travel weekend and we are going to be watching that. north bay this is a slow mover, still draw in the south bay and finally swinging to the south friday morning so the bulk of your rain is slower for the morning commute and more storms lined up for saturday morning, possibly a stronger one is said to move in by sunday. thank you, mark, the best known stock exchange in america is being sold. the new york stock exchange will end more than two centuries if regulators approve the 8 billion-dollar deal. they claim they will be more
6:54 am
competitive with other international markets if it is a full service exchange. coming up at 7:09 we will go for alive reaction on this huge deal. investors remain focused on budget talks in washington d.c. and he resigned his job because of a scandal but he will still get a paycheck. why he will still be considered an employee in the new year. >> miss universe he 2012 is... >> i was waiting for the answer, find out why it is a first in 15 years...
6:55 am
6:56 am
6:57 am
. welcome back, former maritime director will stay on the payroll despite his resignation. maritime director james kwon will keep working as a consultant for the port next year. he will work for seven months to make sure that business relationships go smoothly. executive director omar benjamin agreed to pay back more than $5,000 in expenses made at a strip club in texas. ktvu channel 2 morning news has
6:58 am
also learned maritime director james kwon will earn more than $900 an hour based on his salary as maritime director. the salvation army still needs more toys and they have already collected donations for more than 3,000 needy children but they still need toys for more than a thousand children. you can drop off donations in any of the facilities and cash donations are also welcome. for the first time an american woman holds the title of miss universe... >> miss universe is usa... >> and that is olivia from rhode island receiving the honor and she beat out 88
6:59 am
competitors. sandoval was there as well and boy, tough duty for him. it is looking pretty normal for thursday with our commute and toll plaza is backed up for a 15 to 20 minute delay and contra costa traffic is backed up on 680, let's go to mark. we have some cold numbers, some patchy frost, here is some current numbers out towards fairfield and concord. lots of 30s and 40s and it looks like we have a map, your five-day forecast, more rain and wind and multiple storms, we will have more on the timing as we head into the weekend. coming up on mornings on 2, a firefighter is injured in a building fire in san francisco, we will have more on the unique place people are taking refuge. ne


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